A collection inspired by the symbolic ’Thangka’ art rendered on silks, evocative of misty clouds, floral motifs, and botanic detailing.

Sohrai Khovar

Sohrai Khovar is an ode to the free-spirited jubilation celebrating the bonds of love, wedlock, and femininity. It heralds in new beginnings, fertility, and abundance through rich imagery that connects deeply with nature and God's beings. The collection embodies a lyrical celebration, fluid silhouettes, and a vivid print story. Modern silhouettes, and a mix of prints herald a new bohemian. The collection embodies an alluring mix of tribal influence, modern style and elegant craftsmanship that is wearable for all occasions.


Ganjifa brings to life the intricately detailed designs found on the popular card game. The past time of the royals, they could predict the future and turn destinies when dealt in the right hand.


Dastur carries the thought of preserving the waste and crafting a fresh design in silhouettes that have a universal appeal. It features straight kurtas, A-line kurtas, short jackets, shirts, straight pants, and tunics. We have elevated these everyday pieces with a restrained aesthetic— delicate fabric trims and detailing, handcrafted tassels fashioned from ‘katran’ pieces.


A collection in soft cotton fabric featuring delicate prints and graphic patterns elevated ith embroidered detailing in a range of ivory ensembles. The motifs are drawn from a particular variety of ‘Kantha’ practiced primarily in Murshidabad. This specialized form of geometric patterned kantha, called par tola evolved along the lines of traditional Islamic art.


Our collection Taabir, meaning, ‘a dream come true’, celebrates love in its purest, most unadulterated form. We turn to children, who show us the colors of their imagination. We explore these through graphical artwork, illustrations, and animations. This passion project features their original drawings as the print design on silhouettes like jackets, short tops highlighted with vibrant highlights of sequins and lace edging in neon.


Discover the stories woven into the warp and the weft of the traditional Bhujodi weave, the indigenous craft originating in the state of Gujarat. This humble handloom features classic motifs that are evocative of rural images, created using the labour-intensive extra weft method, lending an exclusive, luxe appeal to any garment. Experience luxury with our collection Azeez, that pays homage to this craft and its craftspeople.


A collection championing the tranquility of Buddhist mandalas in the form of beautiful patchwork in bright, psychedelic hues. Embellished with handcrafted tassels, ghunghroos, and intricate embroidery.


Introducing our collection Naksh–inspired by the stylised and elaborate elements of Uzbek architecture–takes the traditions of the past and weaves them into modern silhouettes in tones of teal, marsala, mustard, and grey, crafted in silk and elevated with detailing like a pashmina fringe.


‘Kairi’ which refers to the paisley motif, is woven into the culture of our diaspora as a poignant symbol of fertility and wellness. Stringing together mango leaves as a toran, or incorporating the ‘ambi’ in henna designs, this timeless pattern takes us back in time to the magic of soulful summers.


Our collection, Raag–an edit of fresh, summery separates. Inspired by the traditional 'jamdaani' weaves, these crisp silhouettes are here to make you embrace your inner bohemian.


We travel back in time when love was simple, and romance was highly nuanced. Our collection Rumaani hints at the attraction of opposites and is a playful coming together of refined checks and vibrant florals in delicious candy colours–powder pink and cloudy blue. Elevated with intricate crochet florettes and lace, Rumaani is reminiscent of a summer romance on a cotton canvas.


Taking its roots from the resist-dye craft of Batik, the Moss green slit Anarkali set in raw silk is embellished with delicate zardosi, and highlighted with gold sequins and beads.
The Anarkali has a keyhole neck and is paired with a cotton satin narrow pant and an inner in russian silk fabric.


We pay ode to the time-honored craft of patola weaves through our collection Riwayat. A classic collection of patola-inspired prints in lehengas, anarkalis, palazzos elevated with delicate mirror work detailing and highlighted with beads.


Inspired by the rich Suzani textile of Uzbekistan, with decorative motifs symbolizing fertility and joy, this collection will add the touch of luxe that your wardrobe needs. The collection prominently features organza jacquard in bright pastels.


An homage to the earliest currency ever used, this collection is a sartorial rendition of the geometrical motifs found on ancient seals.


Wispy silhouettes that bring out comfort and ease. On the top of our must-haves list is billowy kaftans, lounge essentials co-ords, short kurtas that effortlessly combine comfort with style.­ Easy to wear, this playful collection takes you from your work desk in the morning to your coffee corner at noon and sets you up for an evening tipple before retiring for sumptuous supper. Looks that are perfect for at-home leisure. Indulge your senses in styles that are truly wardrobe staples.


Meraki takes its roots from the craft of Batik and features bold floral motifs highlighted with delicate embellishments on classical silhouettes like kurtas, anarkalis and pallazos.


Nargis, a dream in pastel, inspired by the famed Mughal jaalis. Comfortable but dressy silhouettes adorned with gota, mirror work, and embroidered in ivory, make it perfect for every occasion.


Dive into the world of luxury with this eco printing-inspired collection–vibrant hues, intricately handcrafted floral motifs, and buttery, translucent fabrics like chiffon, organza, and georgette, for the perfect festive wardrobe.


Ajrakh prints embellished with sequins and mirrorwork on bright pastel tones; crafts a beautiful story that blends the old with the new.


Taking a cue from the gorgeous woven rugs used in Turkish palaces, the collection represents rich colours, artistic patterns and ornate embellishments, for a luxurious addition to your festive wardrobe.


The collection combines the beauty of archival textiles and the magic of flowy silhouettes to craft a story of elegance. Glorious chintz florals on georgette in muted shades of pink, yellow, grey and ivory make this collection perfect for the scorching heat of summer in India. Multi-layered embellishments from tassels to lace and pearls complete this dreamy ensemble.


Symbolizing the divinity of light and the strength of femininity, this collection features printed patchwork in bright psychedelic hues, while the embroidered motifs show scenes from the everyday life of the modern woman.


An expression for strong, bold and outgoing women in Swahili, Zuberi finds inspiration in the tribes of Africa. The collection brings together scenic prints, geometric patterns, highlighted by mirror work and handcrafted wooden trims, for the perfect alternative to florals.


A fusion of rawness and beauty, this collection blends bold colours and gorgeous Uzbek Suzani embroidery with a dash of yarns and shell buttons to attain perfect balance.

Summer cool

A collection that is light, airy and soothing. Made with breathable Bemberg cotton in bright yellow and blue, the collection makes one think of the hot sun and cool sea waves. The perfect silhouette to spend hot afternoons in the shade while dreaming of Sunday brunch.


A collection that captures the essence of everyday luxury, it brings together vibrant colours and natural motifs in a blend that's classic and contemporary. Ikat in stunning and intricate blurry prints highlights the beauty of Indian textile art and craft!


Rihla- An Apparel Range for your nomadic soul! Nurtured by passion, a treasure trove of vibrantly hued apparels embellished with beads and multi-coloured tassels for a whimsical dresser in you!